Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Dear today...

i spent all of you pretending i'm ok when i'm not
pretending i'm happy when i'm not
pretending about everything to everyone


to whom i wish to speculate?
dont let the answer says tears no more....

i'm too exhausted....
too afraid...

Monday, December 19, 2011


why does it feels like i refuse to believe anyone today?
does something bleeding inside me?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

girls never hav the guts...

being guilty.....
why does it feels like killing
own desire to smile
in the crowded of clown
how suffocating
to her self

but i'm sorry
final decision means no turning back
pray for miracle
if the wishes still need to be grab
but never believe cause
miracle have their own reasons
to be called miracle

feeling of guilty
feeling of sorry
for the purpose of my own freedom
this time..there's heart
need to be hurt

no worries
it'll heal
through the whisper of your own regretting
cause learning is a way better than forgetting

p/s : a lil light will do...dear friend.. we are still friend..arent we?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

i can see it now..the monster,when i talk to the mirror..the ghost,

i have done it again
taken truth out of context
taken lies out of you
replaced settling dust with
some white lies which sound dark now

what am i asking for
from emptiness
and do all lonely roads
lead to gain
does wordless music
really fill you with thought?
and does writing show you
faces on papers?

all rhythms come from
the original heartbeat
i'm sorry this is the reality
you need to notice
this is not new
this is of the beginning

Friday, November 11, 2011

Just let it go

so tired of the lullaby of 'i love you' every single night
when will you realize that being you

is all you have to be?

you are nothing yet
barely nothing with only dreams cuddling you
take you deeply to another dreams

day by day

stop being to comfortable
in the dark where secrets are kept
where you'r among fools
smiling happily saying 'loneliness is nothing'

(p/s: be happy! happy people attract good things! =))

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Little Wall Diary

Dear readers...this is just a little something about myself....

i'm Fara...u can just call me Fara (no options..HAHA)
Typical girl would say such word like..."i'm just an ordinary girl"..but i'm SURELY not typical.
I'm a SUPERGIRL from the day i was born until the day i wrote this thing...:PP hehe
I love my family the most and could die without friends....
A full time student plus a part time food hunters!
I do fight with dragons and my mom sometimes...:D
I believed that happy girls are the prettiest girls
The night feels safer everytimes i hug my teddy tightly.
I'm good in laughing and better with crying.
Mom always said i'm clumsy and i never denied it. (i lose my glasses 18times a day and bumped with almost everything around me.perhaps collecting scars can be my part time jobs..T-T)
Love music and ignores songs that sound like monkeys.

Can i make it fullstop without any ending word? yes i can. cause this is my blog and you'r just the reader in this drama. HAHA.

(noted: looking at myself though this photo...make me wish to turn back the times..when i was just a little girl who doesn't even need to worry about my skin dry lips...i just happily to be me...a small eyed girl with her big happy families..)